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How the hell do you get rid of an old game?

on June 8, 2013

Anyone remember that a while ago I bought this?

Silent Hill PAL cover

Old Scary game!

So, I’ve played it now, and I’m looking to sell it (good game, but I just wouldn’t play it again).

So, here’s a question “How do I sell my old games?”

First of all, you have to understand, there are a few types of old games

  • Games that you’ve recently played that came out for the current generation of console
  • Games that came out for previous console generations
  • Games that no one will ever buy because they are basically worthless (old editions of FIFA and other sports games are the best example)
  • Rare games – games that didn’t have a lot of copies printed, and are sought after by collectors (Battletoads is the best example of this) <- These are basically the only games you will sell for more than you bought them for
  • Types of Selling

  • Selling via a middle-man (Amazon, EBay etc)
  • Selling for cash there and then, no fees (CEX, Selling to a friend etc)
  • Trading into a game shop for points/new game etc
  • Some basic rules

  • Game stores tend not to take in games more than 1 generation old. Since we’re moving into the PS4 generation, a lot of shops will stop stocking (and therefore buying) PS2 games. Since Silent Hill is a PS1 game I immediately ruled these places out.
  • If you buy a lot of new games, it might be worth your while to trade in, because money off a new game is always good. But always check around for who does the best trad-in price
  • Amazon and eBay sell pretty much anything. In this case, I had a look for how much other people were selling Silent Hill for – were there a lot of bidders etc? I have a quite bad Amazon seller rating (I didn’t sell a lot and got one bad sale), so I hit eBay up. There are a few copies of Silent Hill going, many hadn’t any bids at all, and most of the bids were <£3.
  • Something a bit more obscure

    gottfried böhm, architect: maria königin des friedens pilgrimage church, neviges, germany 1963-1972

    Google it. Open up an incognito version of your browser to stop Google from showing you personalised results – this will show you what most other people are seeing. I tried things like:

  • Buy Silent Hill
  • Buy PS1 Games
  • Buy Retro Games
  • – This gives me an idea of where the people who want to buy these games will end up. Mostly it’s Amazon and eBay, but you can find some good niche sites. I found this cute little site for a store in Norwich that’s willing to buy my game for £7 (much more what I was hoping for).

    Failing that you can try “sell” rather than “buy” and get an idea of who buys from you.

    Also, try looking for retro gaming stores in your city. Leeds USED to have one, but it seems to have died which makes me sad :(

    photo by: seier+seier

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