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Fast Food: A waste of money?

on June 7, 2012

Hands up if you’re guilty of getting a takeaway once a week:

Hands UP

My hand is there, I'm sure

It’s one of those terrible terrible indulgances that is not especially good for your wallet or your waist. Yet we do it “because we deserve it” or we are too lazy to cook.

Do you think it’s a waste of money?

I’ve got that horrible “it depends” feeling.

I’d say ask these questions:

Are you feeding yourself, you and your partner, your family or a large group of friends?

By itself this is not an indicator whether it’s a waste of money or not. Generally, the more people you’re buying for, the larger ‘margin for error’ there is. You might buy for loads of people and only one or two end up eating it. However it’s a good way to split costs as well as trying ‘a bit of everything’ 😉

Are there leftovers after you’re done?

Small amounts of left overs are nearly always going to be a waste (as they either go into the bin or as a snack and a snack is bad! Believe me, I would know). Large amounts of leftovers are either really good or terrible depending on the following question.

Are the leftovers good to use again in the morning/next day?

Some fast food is really good for being able to reheat or eat eat. I would highlight Dominos Pizza, my local Chinese and Wokon as two of these. They usually give you WAY too much to eat in one sitting, and the amount you have left can do for a second meal pretty well. So the price you pay is usually the price for two meals (unless you are very greedy which sometimes happens).

However, the flip side of this is stuff that tastes really horrible after reheating – chips. If you’re ordering chips as part of a takeaway (or if you’re going to a well know drive thru) I would not recommend ordering too much as they taste manky the next morning (unless your local chippy is really good, mine is shite). So um, McDonalds, Burger King and KFC are a less than great resource for your money! So why do I keep going back…

Is it expensive?

Even if you can spread a meal across two days, is it good value for money? I think that getting a meal for less than £5 is a good thing, so in this case my Chinese and Wokon WIN, but Dominos doesn’t really win.

Are you short on time?

Ahh the classic money vs. time argument. Takeaway nights are usually when my darling finishes at 9pm and we just can’t face cooking at that time (sometimes I cook before she gets home, but my timing is horrible so we have to reheat it and all that jazz) so a takeaway is a good option. However we do have a rule: no more than once a week! We’ll get fat and lose a lot of money!

So um, the moral of the story: Everything in moderation

subway veggie patty sub

Subway... mmm.

photos by: bionicteaching & crd!

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