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How to find cheap match day tickets


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Time to Cut Back

Gig Poster


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Wedding Insurance explained


We all dream of the perfect wedding. As soon as the words ‘will you marry me?’ are heard, the plans start and ideas begin to develop. With all the excitement that ensues you can be forgiven for forgetting the odd thing here and there.

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Abundant living on any budget


Like many of you, there are times when I’ve found myself in extremely tight financial spots and have resigned myself to a frugal, simple and QUITE boring life until I’m back with my head above water. However, slowly but surely, I discovered the wonderful art of living on the most minimal of budgets. I’ve laid out a few of the key things that I learned below:

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Oh no I’m one of THOSE people

The other day, I was frequenting a favourite coffee shop of mine and I went the till and then the guy working and he said this to me:

“Medium Vanilla Latte?”

And I looked at him and realised that he had served me enough times for him to learn my order.

In fact, I’d predicted this day would come many a moon ago.

I really do! If the server knows my order (it’s acutally usually a small, depending on whether I’m spending time there or not) I have obviously become one of THOSE people. Yep. In fact, George agrees with me.


But then again, he drinks hot chocolate at his bank so…

But yes.

Why is being “that guy” a bad thing?


  • I am trying to save money. When I go to get coffee, I am spending money
  • I must be in a lot for the server to know my order
  • Falling into a pattern so that I’m always served by the same guy!


But then again, one of my favourite personal finance articles ever is this one:

F**K OFF! I like my coffee! over at Sterling Effort.

Basically, on every “Top 10 ways to save money” they list “Stop drinking lattes!” and he goes on to say “It’s okay to indulge a bit, and besides, coffee shops are a good place to get work done for under a tenner”.

So, I don’t feel so bad, but I feel pretty bad, because you know… it’s never happened before that the server knows my order and it’s weird.

But yes, I keep putting pictures of coffee on my Twitter feed and it’s not really a good thing.

Final picture.

Vanilla Latte and CrossiantYeah… I just like Costa… But I really do get work done there…

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The cost of money


“Money often costs too much.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

The cost of money.  A phrase that is well worth thinking about for it can bring forth into our heads a whole host of thoughts and opinions.  What does the cost of money actually mean?  It could be the cost to our sanity, our health, our happiness or something as mundane as the amount of interest charged.  Either way, money has a very important focus not just in our lives but in the world.  After all, society cannot manage without it.  We have to have some way of bartering and money serves as a good means of legal tender.

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Regulation and education: Pay day loans in Canada


One criticism often aimed at pay day lenders is that they operate without regulation and target the uneducated and uninformed. However, both of these statements appear to be myths in Canada.

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Five Ways to Make Money Work for You


It is important that money works for you, so you can enjoy your life and live it fully. However often you might have felt like an over taxed workhorse only to see none of your efforts reflected in your bank balance. The key is not only to work hard but to work smart. Most people with a regular income through a steady job disregard small but significant aspects of financial planning until it’s time to retire. The following steps are simple ways which everyone can use to generate more income for a more comfortable life.

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Alternative business funding options


Getting hold of business funding is often a major challenge for small to medium sized enterprises.

The situation with regard to things such as bank lending is well known.  In spite of some government incentives to try and address the position, that may continue to be the case for some time to come.

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